Quality in Craft & Style

There is hardly anything more luxurious than a Tailor-made garment. It lies down smoothly around the body of the client like a second skin. It is a sensual experience.
In my private showroom, you can relax and watch over a cup of coffee, fashion magazines and fabric catalogs. Here I can address your individual needs. Every detail can be discussed and tested. For me, elaborate gowns are welcome.
Bring to implement youre ideas about your dream model and I will help youre wishes come into reality.
You can leave with me with precious fabrics and embellishments, and inspired by my collections. You can also bring your own dream fabric.
Because I make extravacant clothing, I recommend you to make an appointment with me, 4 weeks to 3 months before your special occasion.
My models are created carefully by hand and you will have 2-4 fittings, depending on how elaborate the dress is.
If desired, I can capture the process of creating your model by taking photos for memory.
I offer alteration for very high quality clothes.

By appointment only.