Feminine, Sexy & Self Dominating

Corsets and corsage coming back into fashion. And they will never disappear out of fashion because of its erotic effect.
They are very sexy and feminine and sensual. Again and again I've made the experience of women who have never worn a corset before, they feel that wearing a corset, surprisingly, were just great. Without feeling constricted.
My corsets are  mainly use for the beautification then of the constriction.
Brides love the tight-fitting-feeling of my bridal corsets that give them content and beauty. Business women wear corsets under the business outfit, without being offensive.
The corset is a wonderful public / intimate apparel.
I am happy to present you to my small collection of fine corsets  from precious or simple materials.
Most of the corsets are custom made. The elaborate production may take 2-8 weeks, depending on the elaborate design.
I can advise you and let yourself be surprised

Video  "How to lace youreself in a corset" von AMN Couture


By appointment only.